Our Service Standard

  • Perimeter Barrier Spray: Our skilled technicians meticulously apply a 3-foot by 3-foot barrier spray along your home's perimeter. This strategic barrier acts as a first line of defense, preventing pests from entering your living spaces.

  • Window, Door, and Eave Treatment: We carefully treat windows, doors, and eaves to ensure thorough coverage and seal potential entry points for pests.

  • Spider Web and Wasp Nest Removal: Existing spider webs and wasp nests are expertly removed from your home's exterior. These areas are treated with organic peppermint dust, effectively deterring pests.

  • Yard Treatment: Our commitment to comprehensive pest control extends to your yard as well. We apply a specialized bait granulation treatment that targets general pests such as ants and roaches, effectively eliminating their presence in your outdoor areas. We also spray in the yard as well to target other pests such as fleas, ticks, spiders, and mosquitos.

  • Interior Treatment: Our comprehensive approach also extends indoors as well. Our skilled technicians carefully treat the interior of your home, targeting areas where pests may seek refuge.


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